Pressure Parts

Economiser Coil
Super Heater Coils
Water Wall Panels
Re-heater Coils
Headers for Economiser, Super Heater and Water Wall
Tube Bends for Economiser and Super Heaters
Bed Evaporator Tubes for Industrial Boilers
Finned Tubes
Burner Mouth Bends
Boiler Bank Tubes
Heat Exchangers
Boiler Drum
IBD, CBD Tanks
Helical Coil
Upper Stack
Skirt Assy
Hood Assy
Ring Header
Air Header Coil
Burner Panel

Non-Pressure Parts

"I' Type, "+" Type, Box Type Welded Columns
Ceiling Girder Assy
Boiler Supports of Welded Beams and Bracing Assy
Wind Box
Tubular Air Heater Assy
Ventilation Outlet Duct and Transition System

Boiler Spares

Coal Compartment Assy with Seal Plate & Divider Plate
Coal / Air / Oil Nozzle Tips
Adj. Coal Nozzle Tips
End Air Compartments
OFA Compartment
Primary & Secondary Nozzles
Air Heater Seals ( Radial / Axial / Bypass seals )
Sector Plate
Ferrules for Air Heater
‘ T ’ Bars
Ash Protectors & Shields for Coils
Oil Gun Assy
Expansion Joints
Pate Formed Pipe
Hastelloy Seals for Dampers and Gates
Dampers & Gates
Scalloped Bars
Alignment Bands
Support of Coils
All Press Brake Items

Mill Spares

Scrapper Assy
Centre Feed Pipe Assy
Outlet Venturi
Inner Cone with Ceramic Lining
Classifier Assy
Mill discharge valve body with door
Multiple Port Outlet & MPO Plate
Deflector Liner Support Plate
Vane Wheel Segment
Mill Bottom / Side Liners
Journal Stop Bolt with Bush
Mill Inspection Door
Bowl Extension Ring Segments
Insulation Cover Plate
Oil Cooler Assy
Intermediate Liner Support Plate
Other Mill Spares etc.

ESP Spares

Screen Sheet
Shock Bar
Shock Bar Guide ( Front / Rear )
Inner & Outer Arms
Emitting Electrodes
Frame Part Middle
Frame Part Top
Frame Part Bottom
Vertical Beams
Vertical Stays
Hopper & Ducts

Industrial Boiler Spares

Stud Welded Tubes
Siding Gates
Coal Cap
Mixing Nozzles
Feeder Transition
Diversion Chutes
Strap Plates
Shields & Ferrules
Wool Casing Assy
Fuel Burner Duct
Distributor Plate Frame and Water Cooled Frame Assy
Cyclone Assy


We also undertake general steel fabrication in Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel and Stainless Steel
as per the Customer's requirement.





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